Need vs Want

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The Question: What are some things that people generally don’t care [about] but they definitely should?

Gus’s Response: The word responsible … ‘response-able’ … is about having the willingness and ability to respond when we see something that is needed in the world around us. The famous christian story of the Good Samaritan depicts such a person: who was able and willing to respond humanely as the situation called for and did not let other unnecessary considerations get in his way. Every religion and almost every moral philosophy includes similar stories and recommends this type of willingness to respond as good behaviour.

And yet our consumerist, hedonistic society teaches us day in and day out that we should spend most of our time acquiring more crap that we and our loved ones don’t really need, instead of responding to what we personally see is needed ‘out there’.

The day you switch gears from responding to wants to responding to true needs will become the key turning point in your life – where you find each succeeding day more rewarding than the last and yourself becoming happier and happier … and then even happier.

For more info on how to respond to what you personally see is needed, see also: Gus Griffin’s answer to What are some things you realize as you get older?


All you have to do is change what you are putting your attention on. It truly is as simple as that.

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