Misbehaviour is seldom based on ignorance alone

Here’s another one I wrote last week at Quora.com that’s also appropriate to include here …


The Question: My 11-years-old sister lies all the time. How can I make her realise that lying is bad?

Gus’s response: Helping your sister to change is not about getting her to “realise”.

Bad habits usually persist whether we know they are bad or not – and usually we do know. At 11 years of age, your sister may not be fully aware of the consequences that can come from lying, but I’m sure she’s not completely ignorant of it’s “badness”. In other words, that’s not what is really causing her to lie.

I suggest you research instead how to help people conquer bad habits.

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Posted October 28, 2015 at 12:04 am by Gus Griffin · Permalink
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