Building Trust

Question from Quora today: What’s the one, single thing someone has to keep in mind to become a good adult?

I’ve just reached 18 years old and I’m starting to get real, big life problems. So, I need to know that one thing that you adults always keep in mind when you’re facing hard times to help you get through it. I don’t want to end up having thoughts that make people say “Dude, stop being a child!”

Answer from Gus:

Looking at the other answers so far, none of which give you the “one single thing” you asked for, I’m tempted to say: Listen! Hear what people actually say, not what you want to think they said.

But I’ve got a better one than that, which is: build trust.

Here’s some pieces about trust that I teach to managers and others:

You could call this collection a little primer on building trust. I hope you find you can do something with it.

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