“This is the most beneficial exec training”

“This is the most beneficial executive training course I have utilised in my 25 years in senior management positions.  Prod­ucing significant, permanent improvements in each exec’s performance, it surpasses anything I saw come out of Harvard, Cambridge or the other leading sources of corporate training.”

Thomas Black – IKEA Franchise Owner; former mgr of 7,000 staff in UK (Lex Group) and 3,500 staff in Saudi Arabia (Toyota)

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“I received award for leadership excellence”

“I wasn’t really leading in the way I knew things could be done.  I was trouble-shooting most of the time. Since this coaching, I’m living a new life. It’s shocking me how well people are respond­ing to me. I’m hugely more effective, growing a much bigger international business and recently I received a prestig­ious award for setting an example of leadership excellence.”

Angelyn Toth – Canada’s Leading Distributor of cutting-edge natural wellness products

“I’m more adventurous and spontaneous”

In my career I have let my results speak for me. I have always brought projects in (even billion dollar ones) under budget and ahead of deadline, but this was no longer getting me the cooperation I wanted from my Board.  Since Instinx coaching, I’m naturally marketing our achievements more. I’m much more adventurous and spontaneous. Whenever I need some­thing, I simply ring the Chairman up if necessary and get it.  My career is on a whole new trajectory now.”

R.S. – Head of Engineering of Multinational Mining Corporation

“Now nothing phases me”

Before this coaching, an unexpectedly high bill would send me into wallowing on the futility of trying to run a business. Thanks to Instinx, now nothing phases me—it is what it is—and I do mean nothing. Amongst other things, I’ve been jailed for tax evasion, paid back every cent, opened new restaurants afterwards, which are now some of the most successful in the country. No brood­ing for me anymore; I’m less serious, hap­pier and healthier. I play it straight (no more shortcuts!) and nothing gets in the way of indulging in my own well-being.

N.C. – Owner of National Restaurant Chain

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“I’m operating from a different place”

I used to be too caught up in my business, not getting above it like I needed to. I was procrastinating, constantly stressed, poorly organised, utilised time badly, didn’t communicate & delegate properly and avoided dealing with problem staff.

 Since Instinx, I’m definitely operating from a different place. I’ve moved the worst troublemakers on and quarantined those I can’t get rid of.  I don’t dwell on things, so stress is down and implementation is higher (delegation still needs work). I read people better and so I’m communicating more effectively.

M.C. – CEO of National Recruitment Network

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“Instinx … completely rejuvenated my career”

“Instinx has made my output and concentration a thousand times better and completely rejuvenated my career. I only did it as research for an interview, not expecting it to change my life (cliché I know, but nothing else describes adequately the effect this coaching continues to have). After all the inspirational stories I’ve heard and all the methods for enhancing human performance & well-being I’ve researched, THIS is the only one whose lifting effect has lasted!”

Verity James – TV & Radio Celebrity; popular talk show host, TV news presenter & public speaker

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“I’m now gaining world recognition”

“This coaching has at least doubled what I’ve been able to achieve in my national & inter­national tours and competitions over the last 7 years.  Also assisting my business to grow from 4 to 14 staff, with turnover increasing by more than 15 times in the last couple of years.  I’m now gaining world recognition.”

Paul McClurg – Aussie Hairdressing Legend; ‘three-peat’ winner of Australian Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year


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