The problem boss is not the real problem

I was asked on Quora today: How can I work with my direct manager who hates me and believes I’m aggressive and need ‘discipline’ no matter what I do?

I tried so hard for months to prove to my manager that I was very friendly, very humble and did not take myself very seriously, but for some reason he is convinced I am very aggressive and a snob. He undermines me in front of the team and he’s done everything he could to mess with my self esteem.

My answer:

I really don’t understand why people are willing to take so much shit from their bosses. Back in 1986, at the age of 34, I finally figured out that as long as I continued as an employee I was never going to have control of my working conditions because my employer could change my boss on me anytime they wanted to. So that was my last year as an employee – ever since I have picked my own “bosses” (clients) and promptly dumped them if they didn’t show enough respect.

If the average person put a fraction of the effort they normally put into pleasing their boss, into learning how to jobhunt instead, or into finding the right agent who will find good jobs for you, they would be a lot happier and end up earning a lot more money as well.

The answer to your question is to improve your jobhunting skills to the point where you know you have power of choice over whether you keep your current job or not. When you know you have that freedom, your attitude to your current job will change, and if your boss is any good, he will sense it and start treating you with more respect.

If he’s not any good, then he will keep on pulling the same shit and you will quite happily tell him where to stick it. And if you feel like it, you can also go to his boss and say: Either he goes or I do!

‘Power of choice’ is an extremely important mental quality. You will always perform better and achieve better results at the jobs you choose to do, compared to the jobs you feel you have to do.

So wake up! You don’t need to be a better mindreader or bootlicker. You need to emancipate yourself.


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