Description of Instinx Modules


Making Your Strengths Stronger
For individuals and for teams, the most effective way to move to a completely new level of performance is to focus on perfecting what you already do well. This module helps you ‘play to your strengths’ both in work and in life.


Screening for Employment & Promotion
Can they do the job?  Will they do the job?  Answering the first question is usually straightforward – because it is about observable and verifiable skills, aptitude & experience; but employers and recruiters often get the second one wrong – because the answer depends upon the candidate’s ‘intangibles’. Find out what actually powers a person’s performance and how it can be measured with uncanny accuracy.


Adaptivity Coaching & Workshops
A person’s ability to adapt underlies and determines how well he or she does everything else in life.  Adaptivity is an instinctive faculty – learn how to awaken it in yourself and your team.


Training Outcome Assurance
Training results differ from one person to the next in exact proportion to his or her ability to adapt.  Virtually any training outcome can be achieved if you first make sure there are no ‘adaptive blocks’ preventing it.
Attention Training Vendors! – by partnering with Instinx you can guarantee the desired result for every one of your students.


Toolkit for Custom Modules
In this toolkit you will find a collection of precepts, performance standards, instruments and methods developed during the (22-year) course of this research. Custom workshop and mentoring sessions can be designed to elaborate on any topic or tool of particular importance to clients. (Postings from other modules above can also be given special emphasis in this way.)
You can also use the standards included here as benchmarking tools. People with ‘great instincts’ – the ones we think of as paragons in their field – are surprisingly similar in the way they go about things. They are all highly individual in their personalities, but painstaking research has shown they also have in common a range of super-effective traits.  We present these ‘touchstones’ to rekindle your ambition about just how good you want to get – now that you can activate your dormant instincts to get you there.
Postings in this module appear in date order – they are not arranged in any logical order. 


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