Toolkit for Custom Modules

Here you will find a collection of precepts, performance standards, instruments and methods developed during the (22-year) course of this research. Custom workshop and mentoring sessions can be designed to elaborate on any these which are of particular importance to the client. (Postings from other modules can also be given special emphasis in this way.) We can also survey your enterprise and offer a tailor-made curriculum.

The standards included serve as benchmarking tools. People with ‘great instincts’ – the ones we think of as paragons in their field – are surprisingly similar in the way they go about things. Though highly individual in their personalities, painstaking research has shown they also have in common a range of super-effective traits. Anything you read that kindles your ambition about just how good you want to get can then be achieved through training outcome assurance.

Postings in this module appear in date order – they are not arranged in logical order.

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