Desired Performance Attributes

Compile your next Performance Level Reminder List.

Please Note: You may find it difficult to focus on the lesson material you are asked to read in steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 below. This is expected: because these paragraphs describe viewpoints and behaviours which your mind has been resisting. Bring your full concentration to your reading, even if it does feel difficult at first, and you will soon find that the resistance fades away.



  1. As issued to you by your Instinx Coach, print out the lesson material that compares your current Adaptability Level with the next level “up”.
  2. Read through Section A (‘Instinctive Viewpoint Comparison’) first. As you read, underline each phrase which describes some aspect of the next level up that you would especially like to achieve = what attracts you the most. (While reading the lesson material, it is important that you take time to tune-in to what is being described. Try to embrace the attitudes and behaviours that seem most attractive – How would it feel right now if I was already handling life like this?)
  3. Do the same for Section B (‘The Greater Advantages of …’) underlining each concept you find especially desirable.
  4. Do the same for Section C (‘Additional Comments’) underlining each concept you find especially desirable.
  5. Do the same for Section D (The Greater Limitations of …’ ) underlining each concept you find especially desirable.
  6. Review the items you have underlined and number up to fifteen of them in the order you find them attractive – “1” for most desirable of all, “2” for more desirable than all of the rest, etc.
  7. Enter those items below in the order you have numbered them, starting with “1” at the top.
  8. Fill in names below and submit this form to your Instinx Coach, who will forward you a copy of this list and instruct you how to use it.

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