Longer articles and tools that have been referenced in blog postings:


Lifting your game … so it sticks (pdf)

This illustrated guide explains how Instinx now transforms performance at
all levels: especially for high achievers who already excel at what they do.




Discover Your Natural Approach (pdf)

This ‘instant profile’ shows you how to put your best foot forward in work situations and why it is important to do so.


Plot Your Natural Approach (pdf)

 This companion to Discover Your Natural Approach shows
how to visually plot your instinctive work footprint.



The Power of Three (23-page pdf)

 A further examination of the concepts introduced in Discover Your Natural Approach with in-depth instructions on how to identify and harness strengths in virtually any work situation.

For more info on this subject see also the Making Your Strengths Stronger module and postings indexed under the strengths tag.



Adapt & Do Even Better (pdf)

 Improving performance and adapting are virtually the same thing. Now it is possible to resolve any difficulty, lift any performance ceiling – permanently – when you learn how to harness this insight.

INSTINX – Is Knowledge Really Power? (pdf)

What is different about Instinx? It works.

For more info on this subject see also the Adaptivity Coaching & Workshops module and postings indexed under the adaptivity tag.




Attitude First Aid (pdf)

There are probably hundreds of different ways to meditate so as to reduce stress and improve mental function, but this particular technique harnesses the most up-to-date research of how your mind actually functions. Try it for yourself – it’s easy to do and will make every day you use it a brighter day.




A Tolling Bell (pdf)

The intriguing story preceding the development of
Instinx: why it was developed in the first place.

For more info on this subject see also the Personal Values section on the ‘Gus’ page.