Mastering Your Fate

Question asked on Quora today:  How does society hinder us from living up to our fullest potential?

Reply from Gus Griffin:  There’s a thousand different ways that “society” operates to interfere or distract from our own self-actualisation, but to consider any of them as an explanation for why you haven’t done better so far is a big mistake. A REALLY BIG MISTAKE!

Forget about how the external world may be making things difficult for you. True or not, it is not helpful to focus on it. It’s much more important and productive of results to focus on how you personally could change to more fully live up to your potential.

How are you getting in your own way? Or better still, how could you be acting truer to yourself?

As Ken Robinson recommends: find your element and align your life to pursuing it—then the circumstances around you will sort themselves out.

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Posted August 23, 2019 at 3:37 am by Gus Griffin · Permalink
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