Rezoning Yourself―anytime, anywhere

Asked on Quora today: What’s something that sounds truly easy to learn but is indeed truly difficult?

Gus Griffin’s reply: Not thinking. Ask anyone to stop thinking for just 30 seconds and see how they go. Chances are they won’t make it to 10 seconds.

This is actually a mentally healthy thing to do, if you do it in a way that improves your powers of concentration.

Like this: close your eyes (to cut down on distracting stimuli) and focus your attention on some body part you can feel—like the point where your lips touch each other (or two fingers or toes touch, etc). Then just keep your attention there without thinking anything else.

As above, you won’t be able to do it for long, but every time you notice your attention has wandered, just bring it back to the same point on your body. Keep doing this over and over for a few minutes and it will refresh your focus and improve your attitude.

You will stop noticing the difference this refresher makes after a few minutes, but it will actually keep on making you more alert and responsive for several hours afterwards. It’s a great way to prepare whenever you want to perform at your best. Also very helpful in moving on from upsets and aggravation.

I call it Rezoning. It’s the most effective way of “exercising mindfulness” I’ve ever tested—and believe me, I’ve tested dozens.


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