Sigh …

Question asked on Quora today:  What tools used in your profession get over represented by Hollywood depictions of your profession?

Reply from Gus Griffin: I cringe whenever I see a coaching session or a counselling session in a movie or TV show, because it’s always either a stereotypical rah-rah rant (like in Billions) or an overly cerebral fencing match … Well, what do you think that means? … (like just about every psych session in every movie since Prince of Tides.)

I have often thought of writing to the producers of some of these shows to offer some verisimilitude—but the truth is I’m just too damned lazy. Maybe some high-profile Hollywood therapist can help me with that.

Gimme some of that tuff luvin, Dr Phil! 

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Posted September 12, 2019 at 11:59 am by Gus Griffin · Permalink
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