The eensy weensy building blocks of happiness

Question encountered on Quora today:  What is the most under-rated pleasure?

Gus’s answer:

Is this one under-rated?

Not sure about that.

Under-noticed after a certain age, that’s for sure.

We celebrate it when we see it in children, making a big fuss about it. But that tapers off as the years progress and it becomes more taken for granted. It becomes “Oh that’s nice” instead of “That’s fantastic!”. And eventually it ceases to be remarked on at all.

And yet it always, always, always gives pleasure.

And as we get older, it also happens less often. From noticeably occurring dozens of times a day when we’re very young, by the time you crack 60 it could make your day – or even your week – just happening once.

I’m talking about improving your ability to do something, anything.

Whether it’s a huge “Aha!” or just the littlest “Huh” moment, it never ceases to give pleasure.

From gripping the can opener at a slightly more effective angle – to using a more effective tone of voice with your pet (or your Presidential Chief of Staff) – to noticing something about the timing of traffic lights in a new neighbourhood: your life is built bit by bit from these little lego pieces of improved competence.

And the more attention you give to them – the more you take time to appreciate them whenever they happen – the happier they will make you. They are what you build your life out of.

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