They did what???

For those of you who have felt puzzled or exasperated by the behaviour of far-right-wing voters in recent times, and their representatives, what you have been witnessing is an instinctively Associative behaviour pattern. This comment that I contributed on Reddit this morning will explain:

Their political orientation is a belief system – like a religion – not a rationale. They have elected some other trusted source to do their thinking for them, so you can’t get through by appealing to reason.

It’s not that wierd or complicated, actually. People who find it difficult to figure things out for themselves naturally fall into the habit of asking “What would so-and-so (Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Trump, Charlie Manson, etc) do” and acting accordingly.

The more people they see around them doing the same thing, the more sure they are that they are on the right track. Whether this produces positive or negative outcomes doesn’t come into it. It feels safer to be wrong together than trying to be right alone.

It’s deprogramming they need, not logical argument.

Well, actually, it’s Instinx they need, moreso than deprogramming, isn’t it?

Cheers, Gus

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Posted April 5, 2021 at 11:16 am by Gus Griffin · Permalink
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