True strength is also wholesome

Question asked on Quora today:  With the apparent absence of absolute good in reality, what should be valued? What has enough inherent value to the human person to make him or her better for loving it? Are personal inclinations and passions enough?

Reply from Gus Griffin: Short answer: yes, personal inclinations and passions are enough.

When you are in your bliss—dancing with your particular muse—flexing your forte—whatever you want to call being in your element (as Ken Robinson calls it), you are exercising your highest aptitudes. This also brings out your best attitudes. It also accelerates your ability to learn how to do even better. (It is when you are trying to improve your weaker aptitudes that you have difficulty learning how to do so, not when you are exercising your strengths.)

Finding and concentering your life upon applying your greatest powers is your escalator to true self-actualisation. This transcends even the desire to achieve good things for others.

When you are dancing with your muse for the sheer joy of it—right now, not for what it will bring in the future—that is when you are actually doing the rest of the world the most good, whether you are trying to or not.

If it brings healthy bliss, the means is its own justification, and automatically results in the most constructive ends.

It is the people who have got this ass-backwards—thinking the supposedly constructive ends they pursue justify whatever questionable means they employ to get there—these are the ones who are destroying our planet and undermining most of what is good in their benighted self-entitled monomania. Machiavelli has a lot to answer for.

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