What is the hardest concept to wrap your mind around?

I was asked the question above on Quora today.

My answer: 

Interesting question. My contribution is not the hardest, but it is definitely up there as one of the most influential concepts that almost everybody has difficulty wrapping their wits around from time to time.

Namely, that what is obvious to you is not obvious to the next guy.

It doesn’t take long before a toddler discovers that other people have some strange ways at looking at things … or not seeing things. So we should be used to the idea by the time we reach adulthood; but we seldom are.

Intellectually we do know that other people don’t think “like I think”, but that doesn’t stop us from routinely being amazed at their purblind obliviousness.

The funny part is that the very same people whose stupidity (which literally means dimmed perception) you are sputtering about are looking back at you and being utterly dumbfounded at your pig-headed obtuseness.

Why we all aren’t naturally drawn to see the advantage in each other’s differing awarenesses – so we can benefit from it – is a question for the ages. Such is the divine comedy.

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