You are better than you know

Question asked on Quora today:  Have you ever had an experience that made you realize that the human potential is far greater than we think?

Reply from Gus Griffin:  My life is filled with such experiences almost every day. With every Instinx coaching session, our clients actualise their potential more and more, never to fade back again.

I know, that sounds like a plug for my coaching, but all I can do is answer your question honestly rather than dishonestly play down what actually happens.

When I say “actualise their potential” I am not referring to internal improvements like confidence or self-esteem. Yes, those qualities inexorably improve with every session, but the real test of whether someone’s potential is being realized or not (made real in the real world) is in the tangible, measurable outcomes they achieve.

At the beginning of every coaching session we check what has changed or improved in the real world since the previous session—and generally we expect our clients to report results which exceed their expectations.

Within the bounds of neurophysiology and physics, the main thing which functionally limits what a person is achieving is their own ambition, not their ability. I always get excited when I come across someone whose great ambition is seriously testing their capabilities (and they are rare!), because then I know the gains I help them to develop will be full utilized out in the broad arena of life where they are most sorely needed.

What’s really wrong with the world is how little most people are actively trying to achieve, not how limited their ability actually is. The response to big problems that we all excuse ourselves with—Yes, but what can I do about it?—should be taken much more seriously. “What can I do about it?” is a question that can only be answered accurately in the attempt, not in the mere contemplation of action.

No-one knows what he or she is already capable of until they start attempting what appears impossible to them. And more often than not, they surprise themselves.

“If you want to change the world, who do you begin with? Yourself or others? I believe if we begin with ourselves and do the things we need to do and become the best person we can be, we have a much better chance of changing the world for the better.” — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Sociologically speaking, probably the biggest favour you can ever do for yourself is to hang out more with people who are more ambitious than you. As some of that rubs off on you, you will begin to get more interested in finding out what you—yes, little old you—are also truly capable of. 

Get ready to be amazed.

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